the year starts with a bang


My health for life continues to gather strength in 2018 as it fast approaches its one-year milestone.

As of March, more than 2000 people have enrolled in the program with a high percentage of participants being women in their fifties and sixties.

But according to Program Director Lyn Hamill, the most promising news is the overall program retention rate of 71.3 per cent.

“The completion rate is incredibly high for a program starting out and much higher than what Victoria experienced when it launched its lifestyle program several years ago, ‘’ said Lyn.

“It demonstrates My health for life has real merit and people like it. We need to capitalise on this fact and push the program as hard as we can in 2018 to boost those numbers and continue this good work.

“As more data becomes available it will be interesting to see what other trends emerge.’’

 Trends so far indicate:

  • Overall program satisfaction is high – sitting at 96 per cent by session six (at six months)
  • To date, 66 per cent of people have chosen group sessions and 35 per cent have opted for phone coaching
  • 60.3 per cent of women have participated in risk assessments indicating a preference by women to undertake health checks
  • 49 per cent of all people who took part in risk assessments were identified as being at high risk of chronic disease
  • Men and women equally join My health for life, but men are more likely to complete the program
  • People with high AUSDRISK scores are 10 per cent more likely to complete the program

Lyn said she is particularly encouraged by the fact that 48.8 percent of participants increased their knowledge of chronic disease risk factors.

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