All paths lead Rebecca to My health for life


My health for life Health Coach Rebecca Corbett has had a ‘pretty colourful’ career path.

‘I’ve never really stayed still,’ she said. ‘I think that’s the beauty of nursing, it’s not just one area. If you get tired of something you can delve into something else. There’s so much diversity and so many different people you can work with.’

As a registered nurse with qualifications in psychology, Rebecca has enjoyed working with people of diverse backgrounds across general and surgical nursing, paediatrics, chronic disease management and mental health.

 She’s now bringing her nursing and psychology skills to her role as a Telephone Health Coach for the free, Queensland Government funded My health for life initiative.

 ‘On reflection, it does feel like everything I have done in my career has led me to this role,’ she said.

‘When we moved to Brisbane in 2021, I knew I wanted to work in the chronic healthcare space but this time in prevention. I had spent so much time working with people who had really severe, established chronic illness in the past, so wanted to take a step back and try to make a difference to prevent it. When I saw the ad for this job, I thought, “Yes!”.’

Despite some initial concerns about whether she could make a difference for people in six- coaching sessions over 18 weeks, Rebecca hasn’t looked back.

 ‘When I started in this role, I thought, how do I support people to make changes in just six sessions? But as time’s gone on, it’s been incredibly rewarding to hear about the changes participants are making, and to give them a different perspective of a healthcare worker where they feel heard and empowered. It’s not me telling them what to do, which is a positive shift coming from a nursing background.’

Rebecca said her job now as a Health Coach is to walk side-by-side with people.

‘They are leading the way and are the ones who decide what they want to work on. I am here to support them and keep them going on that journey,’ she said.

‘I think the biggest wins are not the things we think are groundbreaking, like losing 20kgs for example. It’s more supporting people to realise they are in control of their health. There are things they can do to make a difference, whether that’s going for a walk each morning or having a glass of water instead of a glass of wine. Those things don’t sound groundbreaking but pave the way for a really big change down the track.’

Looking back on her career so far, Rebecca says pursuing a career in healthcare was definitely the right choice.

‘The great thing about nursing is it’s a real job, and by that I mean you’re working with real people often during vulnerable times in their lives, seeing their real struggles. You have the absolute privilege of having the opportunity to make a difference,’ she said.

As for adding anymore colour to her career path, Rebecca is happy to sit still for a while.

‘I really love this role,’ she says about working for My health for life. ‘I’m not exaggerating when I say this is probably the best role I have ever worked in. I am very happy in this space.’

If you would like to be supported by Rebecca, or one of My health for life’s other qualified Health Coaches to make healthier choices and create healthier habits visit the website, email or call 13 74 75.