have you seen sisu?


My health for life has been test-driving the new SiSU health stations currently popping up in local pharmacies and shopping centres.

The program is looking at ways to use the interactive technology to drive referrals to My health for life, as the machines are both informative and engaging for customers.

The machines currently measure blood pressure, weight, body mass index, body fat and a person’s heart rate. Users can also discover their heart age and generally compare their health to people their own age and gender.

The machine is easy to use with a health check taking only four minutes to complete.

Priceline Pharmacy has collaborated with SiSU to have these integrated health check machines situated in key locations across Queensland. The Stroke Foundation, who is an alliance partner, already has experience working with these machines and now the program is test-driving one at its headquarters at Diabetes Queensland to access how the stations could best support My health for life and the referral process.   

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