happy new you


New Year is traditionally a time of renewal when we resolve to make some life improvements.   

So, it probably comes as no surprise that health resolutions are often the most popular.  After all, our wellbeing influences every corner of our life. 

Weight loss, exercising more, quitting smoking and drinking less alcohol are the favourites. Yet it is estimated 15 per cent of Australians abandon their New Year resolutions within the first three months of the year and it is not long until they are forgotten altogether.

Marg Hegarty, a behaviour change spokeswoman for Queensland’s free healthy lifestyle program, My health for life, says: “New Year is ingrained in our psyche as representing a new start, so many people approach their resolutions with an all or nothing attitude. 

“They rush into them in a burst of energy, without much thought, and then it fizzles.” 

She suggests people ease into their resolutions, starting well before New Year, and that they set “smart’’ goals to keep themselves accountable.  

She said My health for life offered free health coaching over the holiday season to support people to make achievable, positive health changes and keep their health tracking whatever the time of year.

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