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You don’t have to sacrifice healthy eating choices over winter. Add these delicious taste tempters to your regular menu so you can whip up something warming and hearty that is a little less heavy on the waistline.

Have a look at the below ideas to make your warm and hearty comfort foods a little less heavy on the waistline.

1. Boost up the veggies

Adding extra vegetables can lighten the load of your favourite dish. Instead of a plain pasta bake or lasagne, add some extra veggies into the mix.

2. Choose leaner mince, or add beans and legumes

Choosing leaner mince can help with decreasing the fat intake of some of your favourite comfort foods. Swapping half of the mince for beans or legumes will decrease this even further as well as boost the fibre!

3. Try zucchini noodles and cauliflower mash

Have you ever tried making zucchini noodles or cauliflower mash as a way of boosting your vegetable intake and keeping your winter waistline in check? You will need a vegetable spiralizer for the noodles (which you can find at department stores or kitchen shops), while cauliflower mash is just like mashed potato. Comfort food at its best.

4. Yummy pizza

You know you can still enjoy Friday night pizza without it contributing to extra kilojoules. Use a wholemeal pizza base or wrap, throw on lots of vegetables and a sprinkling of cheese, and you have an excellent, comforting choice.

5. Vegetable soups can be a comfort food saviour

Don’t forget the humble soup! There is nothing quite as comforting as a bowl of delicious pumpkin, minestrone or vegetable soup. Choose vegetable-based options over creamy options.

Hungry to find out more tips and recipes? Then check out some tasty and healthy comfort foods at Healthier. Happier. 

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