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You might be surprised to know just how easy it is to underestimate your daily fluid intake, especially if you are working from home. Unless you are refilling that water bottle regularly, it can be easy to fool yourself into thinking you are drinking enough water to stay properly hydrated.

Scientists estimate that people may become dehydrated several times a week and not know it.

Tell-tale signs? Headaches, feeling sluggish, dark yellow-coloured urine, and passing less urine than you usually do can all indicate you are dehydrated.  

what to do?

  1. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, drink water throughout the day.
  2. It doesn’t always have to be plain old water. Adding citrus fruits or herbs can turn your plain water into an exciting refreshing drink! The Healthier. Happier. website has great ideas to try.
  3. Keep it handy! Have a glass of water on your desk, a bottle of water in your bag or a jug of cold water in the fridge to remind you to drink throughout the day.
  4. Set a reminder on your phone to have hourly glasses of water.
  5. Hunger is often mistaken for dehydration, so get into a routine of having a glass of water before each meal.

Fluid intake is different for everyone and can depend on a lot of factors, including weight, climate, physical activity, perspiration and even certain medical conditions. A general “rule of thumb”, recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council, is a daily intake of 10 cups of water for men and 8 cups of water for women. About 2 litres is a good start.

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