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As the weather warms up, more and more colourful and vibrant fresh produce begins to hit the shelves. We all know how important adding more fruit and vegetables into our day is, and when the springtime variety starts to hit the shelves, eating a wide variety of fresh foods becomes easier, and meals naturally become a bit more colourful.

There are many benefits to choosing fresh foods that are in season. Eating seasonally is cheaper, as foods that are in season are usually from local suppliers. This means they have travelled less distance to be in the market or on the shelves, resulting in a cheaper cost for you at the end. Plus, fruits and vegetables that are in season are usually more flavoursome, which makes adding extra vegetables into your day a pleasure and not a chore. To see what is in season across the year in Queensland, have a look at the Healthier. Happier. Seasonality calendar.

As well as personal reasons, there are also some ‘feel good’ reasons to try eating seasonally, such as supporting local farmers. Seasonal foods on the shelves or at markets are usually from local growers, which means you are helping to keep the local industries going.

Want to get really local with your food? Growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs can also be an easy way to get some fresh produce into your day. Herbs and some vegetables are easy to grow in gardens or in pots on apartment balcony’s or windowsills. Check out the Healthier. Happier. growing guides for some handy hints and tips to get you started.

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