smashing goals


Personal goals play an important part in our everyday lives.

They give us something to reach for, helping to inspire and motivate us. At My health for life, goals are something that are contemplated and strategised every day, as goal setting is the cornerstone of this Health and Wellbeing Queensland program.

My health for life has supported more than 12,000 Queenslanders plan and achieve their health goals since the healthy lifestyle program’s launch several years ago. During this time 76 per cent of program participants have reduced their waistline while 60 per cent have increased their vegetable consumption.

Health goals are very individual and at My health for life participant goals have been wide ranging, from weight loss, to sleeping better, stress management and even improving mental wellbeing. More than 20,000 other Queenslanders are now pursuing their health goals with the program.

Program health coach, and accredited exercise physiologist, Hayley Doldissen, says health goals are great to have but they do require rigour.

“The first step is understanding why the goal is important to you,’’ Hayley says.

“If you understand what is driving you, you will be more likely to achieve your goal.’’

Her advice?

  • Make your goals realistic and try not to pack too much into them. Don’t make your goal overly ambitious. For example, running a marathon when you have not exercised for the past 20 years.
  • Create an action plan, breaking your goal into small, doable steps.
  • Identify what support you might need, including other networks, people or programs that could be useful. This could include joining the My health for life program to better understand your health behaviours and have support to make positive changes. Taking part in 10,000 Steps would be a great way to action some of those new health behaviours, by boosting your physical activity and improving your wellbeing.


Hayley says it is also important to reward ourselves when we achieve milestones and reach our goals.

“Remember, setbacks are also part of the journey, just learn from them, adapt your plan and move on.’’

If your goal is to move more or increase your physical activity, then 10,000 StepsHeart Foundation Walking or Parkrun may interest you. You do not need to be an elite athlete to take part. All that is required is a reasonable level of fitness, appropriate footwear, a good attitude, and appropriate sun safety.

This year, a group of health coaches from My health for life will be making the Bridge to Brisbane their goal.

Hayley says the event will be a good opportunity for the coaches to “walk the talk”, so they will be enjoying a pleasant stroll, meeting people and are happy to answer any questions about the program.  They will be easily recognisable in their bright purple My health for life t-shirts. Can’t make the event? Then visit us at or call 13 74 75 to find out more.

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