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  • A survey of sleep disorders in the UK has discovered what many men would say they already know – women can be seriously loud snorers. More than 1200 Brits took part in the study which, among a host of findings, found that 45 percent of men aged between 55 and 64 snored, compared to 35 per cent of women. About 34 per cent of women aged 24 to 34 were found to “snore hard’’ at least three times a week.


  • People who exercise in the morning and avoid sitting for long times have better control of their blood pressure, a study has found. Researchers from the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute also found a 30-minute brisk walk had a positive effect on blood pressure, particulary in older women.


  • The George Institute for Global Health, VicHealth and the Heart Foundation recently analysed the salt content in kids’ meals from four major fast food outlets (Hungry Jack’s, KFC, McDonald’s and Subway) as part of a global push to reduce the salt content in children’s food during World Salt Awareness Week.


Some meals aimed at kids were found to contain more than an entire day’s maximum recommended salt intake.  In fact, the salt content of fast foods like chicken nuggets in Australia was believed to be more than twice as salty as similar meals in the UK. A report by the group detailed a huge variation in the salt content of children’s meals across the four chains. The highest salt children’s meal was the Hungry Jack’s 6 Chicken Nugget Kids’ pack and the lowest salt children’s meal was the Subway Kids’ Pak Veggie Delite Mini Sub. McDonald’s was the only fast-food outlet offering fresh fruit (apple slices) and vegetables (grape tomatoes) with the Kids Meal packs.


  • You know those days when you sometimes feel 100? Well, now you can estimate your heart age with a handy online calculator. Visit the Heart Foundation here to take the test.

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