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Tips for when the days get shorter and colder...

Winter in Queensland is often the best time to establish an exercise routine. Whether you are enjoying a balmy winter in the north or crisp days in the west and south, winter offers some great health opportunities. Think roasted veggies, yummy soups and the thrill of the chill on those early foggy mornings.

So cast aside the winter blues and seize the day!

Here are our favourite tips for getting moving when the days get colder, shorter and darker.

1. Inside Vs Outside

If dark or frosty mornings make it difficult to get out of bed and go for a walk or yoga session, turn to the internet or your phone for help. There are helpful Smartphone apps (try Map my Run or Strava) to help you map your progress.  You can also check out Healthier. Happier. for some at-home exercise routines (

2. switch it up

If you are struggling with the snooze button now that mornings are cooler and darker, maybe give mornings up and try switching to an evening exercise class until it gets warmer.

3. Embrace the lunch time session

There is nothing worse than getting hot and sticky during your work lunch hour in the middle of summer. However, a walk or a 30 minute exercise class in winter can break up the day and be a great pick-up.

4. set a goal

Sign up for the 5km fun run that you have always wanted to do or that 10km hike for charity. Having a reason to train over winter can be a great motivator for getting out and about when you might prefer to be hibernating.

5. call on your friends

Remember your support people. Ask a friend or family member to be your winter exercise buddy. It is much more motivating and fun to exercise with a friend than by yourself!


Finally, the most important thing is to remain positive. Winter means that you can avoid the summer heat, so it can really be a blessing in disguise!

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