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don't let your festive lunch make you sick


Summer is often a time of celebrations and festivities, ranging from Christmas to Australia Day. Don’t let your festivities be marred by sickness.

Here are our top tips on food safety:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw meat and don’t dry your hands on your tea towel. Dry them on a hand towel specific for the purpose or use paper towels.


  • Be careful not to cross contaminate food. Use separate cutting boards for veggies and raw meat. Clean them well after using.


  • Storing your ham properly is important. To keep it fresh, store your ham in a ham bag or pillowcase. First soak the ham bag (without the ham!) in four cups of water and two tablespoons of vinegar. Then wash and resoak the bag in the vinegar/water every couple of days.


  • Leave salads in the fridge until they are ready to be eaten. It is important not to let food sit all day, buffet style.


  • If you are eating at a buffet, try not to overload your plate and include plenty of salad and vegetables.


  • Make sure meat, such as sausages, chicken and pork, is cooked all the way through.


  • Set some time aside to give your barbecue plate a good clean to avoid food poisoning as salmonella.


  • Use separate tongs for salad and meat and be sure to use separate tongs and plates for raw meat.


  • Don’t leave food uncovered in the fridge and make sure containers are airtight.


  • Poached eggs are nutritious and delicious – just make sure the whites are set and properly cooked through.


Remember, when in doubt about whether food is “on the turn’’, throw it out and do not chance getting sick. Refrigerated leftovers should be eaten with 24 hours of being cooked. 

And stay well hydrated, particularly in the heat, making sure children and elderly members of the family are drinking enough water. Keep an eye on how much alcohol you are consuming. Space your alcoholic drinks with water or soda and ask for only half nips of spirits.

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