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Achieve your New Year Health Goals Without Any Resolutions!


Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, only to give up a few weeks later and feel guilty about ‘failing’?

 If so, you’re not alone!

The truth is, it can be hard to lose weight, and starting in the middle of the holidays without a plan or support, can make it even harder!

My health for life health coach Constance Russell, who is a Registered Nurse and Credentialled Diabetes Educator says success with weight loss has a lot to do with setting goals, as opposed to just ‘an idea’ on New Year’s Eve.

‘A goal can be broken down into achievable steps. Then each step can be further looked at for what we need to put in place to support the achievement of this step,’ she said. ‘Research tells us, this process doubles the likelihood of achieving our goals. Otherwise these are just good ideas that mostly don’t go anywhere.’

Constance said she wants people to achieve their health priorities and ‘feel like the winners they are’.

She recommends writing goals down and working with a health coach ¾ both key elements of the successful My health for life initiative.

The fully funded Queensland Government health initiative is free for eligible Queenslanders who would like to make positive lifestyle changes. This might include moving more, eating a balanced diet, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, reducing or quitting smoking, consuming alcohol at healthy levels, sleeping better or reducing stress.

‘Once you’re signed up, a qualified health coach will explore your hopes and dreams and why they are so important to you,’ Constance said.

‘When a person understands WHY they want to achieve a certain goal, the how will fall into place.’

She said health coaches help participants build confidence to achieve their goal.

‘It’s the old adage…if you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right as well. So, building confidence is a real key to success in achieving our goals,’ Constance said.

The health coach works with participants over 18 weeks to find solutions and motivation to achieve their goals.

‘A health coach doesn’t tell the client what to do. It’s about the person finding their own motivations and solutions. What will fit in with their life. What they like and want to do to move forward with their healthy choices. The health coach can act as a sounding board and is there to explore and support people’s choices and keep them focused on their “why”.’

Constance said she’s been ‘truly inspired’ by the results she’s witnessed as a health coach for the My health for life initiative.

‘Improvements in movement, dietary choices, sleep quality and so forth show the dedication and commitment of the participants,’ she said. ‘But their drive to succeed in making their lives better isn’t only measured by the scales or how many steps they take each day. The real success is the ability to maintain or improve quality of life.

‘Being able to remain in one’s own home. To have the energy and flexibility to kick the footy at the beach with the grandchildren. To take their parents shopping without feeling dizzy themselves. Or feel confident to put on their bathing suit and go swimming with friends and family. Participants who can now take the family camping because they can manage the drive. Or breathe more easily when cheering at their children’s sports day. These are the stories of life changes our participants share with us. These are their life experiences in their own words.’

To find out more about the initiative, visit and take the free health check to find out if My health for life is right for you.

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