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5 tips from our health team to stay healthy and happy in 2019


Getting back into the swing of things at the start of the New Year can be tough. But you’re not alone.

Our team of health coaches have shared some of their top tips to help set yourself up for a healthy and happy year: 

be kind to yourself

We all have moments that don’t go according to plan, like learning to ride a bike – we are prone to falling off. Get back up and try again, remind yourself of what you want to achieve and that you will get there.

book-end your day with healthy habits

Try to start each day with a healthy habit to set yourself up for the day, and finish your day with a healthy habit to end the day on a ‘healthy high’. For example this could be 10 minutes of movement in the morning and ‘unplugging’ (turning off your phone and TV) an hour before bed.

treat special occasions around food like fancy dress

It’s great to dress up and have some fun for special occasions or events – that’s what it’s all about! Although after that special event, we put back on our regular clothes and keep going about our life. Getting back into routine isn’t always as simple as changing back into our normal clothes, but looking at it this way can really help with perspective. And yes, it’s fine to dress up and celebrate every now and then.

be aware of your thoughts

Be aware of your thoughts and reframe them if you need to. For example: “I’m too tired to walk this evening.” Change this to: “Even though I’m tired, I am going to do five minutes of walking because some is better than none and it will make me feel …. ”

remember even small changes make a big difference

Often when we’re setting ourselves a goal to make a healthy change, we think big. There is nothing wrong with this, but we should be careful not to fall into the trap of a goal being too difficult to achieve and then losing motivation if we don’t succeed. Break your goal into small steps so you can focus on things you have the power to change – no matter how small they are!

A new year provides a great opportunity to kick start a healthier, happier you, so why not make this the time to focus on your health. The My health for life program is free and can offer you support, health advice and encouragement to make the changes you have been thinking about.

Just call our friendly team on 13 74 75, or complete our online health check to see if the program is right for you. Alternatively email us at and we can call you. Or if you have a friend or family member who would like to know more please forward on this email.

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