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. Is My health for life right for you?

The first thing to know about My health for life is that it’s different to traditional weight loss or gym-style programs.

  • It gives you a starting point to a healthier life

There is never a perfect time to start living a healthier life. You just need to begin! My health for life gives you a starting point, a plan and the motivation to make healthier choices and kick some goals.

  • You have choice

You choose the health goal that is important to you and we help you to break that goal into easy, manageable steps and then we support you on your journey to action them.

  • The program is tailored to suit your needs 

Health goals are personal – the program respects that everyone’s goal is different and personal to them. This is one of the key benefits our participants like most.

  • We recognise support is important for success

We know support is critical to success. Your health coach or facilitator will be a key support person, helping to motivate you, and working with you to develop strategies to live a healthier life. We also provide you with useful resources, tips and online tools for added support.

  • You decide what is best for you

Group sessions or private phone coaching – what would work best for you? My health for life lets participants decide what suits them best. You can either take part in small group sessions in your local area or private, one-on-one support from a health coach over the phone. Phone coaching generally appeals to people who require flexible days and times to take part. 

  • There are no costs involved

My health for life is a Queensland Government-funded program so it is provided at no cost to participants. The program is one of the ways the government is helping people to stay well, particularly as they age. Prevention is powerful!

  • The program is professional

The program is delivered by qualified health professionals and has been developed by an experienced behaviour change team. The program has been operating for more than a year and has helped many Queenslanders lose weight, eat better, move more and make healthier choices.

  • The program is positive and has broad appeal

This program works well for both men and women of different backgrounds and ages. We are proud of the high satisfaction rating our participants have given us and are always looking for ways to improve.

Our program is founded on being positive, professional and respectful.