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It's about taking small steps to achieve great health results.

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. My Health For Life Program

The My health for life program recognises that everyone is different and that joining a gym, or having special “diet” food delivered does not work for everyone. We also understand that having support is a major factor in staying healthy.

We focus on teaching you the skills to help get you going, rather than just giving you information about what you should be doing better. Our communication is two-way, and we work with you in a partnership.

If you have been diagnosed at risk of chronic disease, then our goal is to work with you to get your health back on track and lessen that risk.

Check your risk now

Success Stories

I like that the program is practical and I can apply what I’ve learnt to my own situation and family life. The SMS reminders and tips keep me thinking about what I’ve learnt and help to keep it top of mind. Life can get away with you, big time, but there comes a point when you should put yourself first and think of your own health. That is what this is for me.

The My health for life program has helped me to see my life differently. It has opened my eyes to living a healthier life and given me a different perspective on food and exercise. I have learnt a lot and I am currently benefiting from my weight loss.

This kind of program helps people review their lifestyle because sometimes you need a little motivation to make some improvements. For me, staying healthy helps me to keep up with a young grandson and my family.

I’ve joined a group called My health for life and it has given me inspiration – it really has.